How do I know I can trust The Sweep Squad?

We are a professional House Cleaning service, and we are licensed and insured. We pride ourselves in the quality of our cleaning services. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us within 24 hours and we will come back to address the specific areas that did not meet your expectations.

How will our relationship work?

Communication is important for any relationship including ours. We understand we must earn your trust during every visit. It’s why we’re so flexible, offering customized cleaning service plans designed with your needs in mind. No contracts. No hassle. Establishing this open communication and being flexible ensures your satisfaction as a long-term customer.

What should I do before a home cleaning service?

To make our house cleaning services more efficient, we ask that you pick up clothing, toys and other household items prior to our visit.

Do I have to be home during house cleanings?

Because we clean Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. most of our customers aren’t home but the vast majority trust us with the key to their home. For additional security, all house keys are individually coded and cross-referenced.

What if something is damaged during a home cleaning?

We treat you and your home with complete respect. If something does unexpectedly break, we do our best to either repair or replace that item. We are fully insured and licensed for your protection and ours, so claims are filed when appropriate.

Do you provide cleaning supplies and equipment?

Yes! We come prepared with all the cleaning supplies necessary. However, because we are flexible, if requested and provided, we can clean with your preferred products.

What happens if I need to reschedule my cleaning?

We work with you. Simply call 48-hours before your regularly scheduled cleaning with a more convenient cleaning time. We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.

What if my home cleaning falls on a holiday?

We call to reschedule for a more convenient time when house cleanings fall on holiday.

How do I pay for residential cleaning services?

Payments are due the day of your scheduled cleaning service. Most customers find it convenient to simply leave a check over the counter, made payable to THE SWEEP SQUAD.