Our cleaning service is completely customizable!

Let us know what your priorities are and we will provide a personalized plan, schedule, and checklist! We understand that each household is unique and each home has its own individual needs.

These are the services we currently offer:


We sweep the room for cobwebs, wipe or dust light fixtures, wall hangings, top of doors, door frames, windowsills, baseboards and mini blinds. We spot wash around light switch plates and door handles. Mirrors throughout the home are washed. Sliding glass doors are washed inside and out, including the tracks. All floors that are not carpeted are vacuumed and mopped. All carpeted areas are vacuumed, including the edges and hard to reach places. We also vacuum the upholstered furniture including under the cushions.


We clean the outside surfaces of all appliances & cabinets, the counter tops, and permanent items on the counters. We also wash the window above the sink, the stoves’ drip pans, outside surfaces of hood , inside the microwave, table & chairs, and the top of the refrigerator. The room is dusted and floors are vacuumed and mopped.


We clean the shower walls, base, and door. The tub and toilets are washed and scrubbed inside & out. The counter tops, permanent items on the counters, the cabinets’ outside surfaces, and mirrors are cleaned. Floor is vacuumed and washed.


The washing machine and dryer surfaces are cleaned, hoses and pipes are
dusted when accessible. The sinks, counters, cabinets, towel racks, etc. are cleaned. The floor is vacuumed and washed.


We dust all lamps and shades, headboards, furniture,  pictures, ceiling fans, etc.

The floor is mopped or vacuumed including under the beds.

We make beds and change the linen, if applicable, and for an additional small charge.

LIVING AREAS (Family Room, Living Room, Stairs & Etc.):

We dust all lamps and shades, furniture,  pictures. We also dust the outside surfaces of china
cabinets and  stereo cabinets. The floors are vacuumed and/or mopped.

Custom Services:

  • Interior refrigerator cleaning  • Interior oven cleaning • Windows (inside only) • Bed Linens